Pam Isner’s Newest Technique

Fiesta Fish, Pam Isner, glass mosaic.

Every year I try to learn and utilize at least one new technique.  I think we can all agree that it’s fun getting ideas… imagining all the materials and methods that would be great to incorporate into our artwork.  However, putting new ideas into action can be daunting when there is a learning curve to slog through. Well, one of several techniques I have recently managed to incorporate into my mosaics is painting on glass.

Turns out the only major challenge to this was forking out for a kiln, and coming up with a firing schedule that was hot enough to fire the paint without devitrifying (creating an unattractive, dull surface) the glass.  I have settled on 1450 degrees for now.

The paint is made by Glass Line, and is available @ Carolina Stained Glass. It is water soluble-and ready to use right out of the bottle! This is a big deal, because in the old days it was necessary to use all sorts of vitreous powders, oils and chemicals.

Even though these paints come in many colors, I decided that black would suit my purposes best. I started out finger painting and texturing- then found that it was fun to scratch out designs.

These painted pieces were then cut out and used in the rooster’s tail feathers in ‘Mr. Big Stuff”:

Pros:  allows the artist to add fine detail, andcreates a beautiful old world effect in stained glass panels with light passing through.

Cons:  in stained glass panels, it looks dull and uninteresting when light is reflected off the surface. Some of the beauty is lost when light isn’t shining through (at night, for example).

Coming soon:  incorporation of jaw-droppingly beautiful blown glass scrap provided by our resident glass blower, Pringle Teetor!


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