Between Earth and Sky

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Between Earth and Sky” speaks to the three different approaches three different Featured Artists at the Hillsborough Gallery of Art interpret the the exhibit’s title.

Our metalsmith, Arianna Bara, is showing pieces that have been inspired by time, time as it is reflected in and captured by stones and fossils. Stones, with their layers of strata which at times swirl delicately as lace and at other times are hard and geometric, remind her of the passage of time. Their names: Dragonblood, Feather Ridge Plum, Red Creek, are evocative and imply that in some way things that are transitory can be captured forever in stone.

Chris Graebner has long enjoyed abstract art so decided to explore methods for painting abstractly. She was trying to move farther from her tightly detailed botanical illustration roots. She spent last summer experimenting only to discover it’s not her thing! But in all her exploration she has found a new way of looking at the sky. She went exploring and rediscovered her roots.

Jude Lobe creates some of her pieces in the show with cold wax and oil. Her paintings are thoughtful of nature and one can see that she deeply respects the earth. One painting in particular is built up in many layers and is scratched through to reveal things painted beneath. It is a somewhat abstract representation of the idea that through wars, devastation, hardships, and even death, the earth and universe will continue to project positive energy and hope.

These new works of art will be in the Exhibit Between Earth and Sky, a Featured Artist show of works by three Hillsborough Gallery of Arts artists, Arianna Bara, Chris Graebner and Jude Lobe.

It is opening at the Hillsborough Gallery of Art,121 N. Churton St. Hillsborough, NC and will feature guitar music by Knox Engler. It’s held during Hillsborough’s Last Friday event and Artwalk. Come enjoy the art, restaurants, activities and music.

Opening Reception is Friday, April 26, 6-0

Music by Knox Engler

The show runs from April 23-May 19, 2013


One thought on “Between Earth and Sky

  1. Wonderful blog, however, a typo in Arianna’s last name. Correct to Bara. Thank you for an eloquent description of the show. You are the best. Jude

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