Between Earth & Sky, Jude Lobe. Cold Wax & Oil, 20X20, $600.

The process in creating this cold wax & oil piece took me through many changes. I began remembering the beautiful color clays of Rousillon, in Provence, France and covered the birch board with terra cotta and mixed in sand I brought home from Provence.

Stage 1:  As I continued to build up colors, adding siennas and oranges I began thinking about the earth and the changes it goes through. Some naturally, others perpetrated by man. I remembered visiting an old mall in Baltimore that has since been abandoned and is returning to its natural state with grasses, sedges, small bushes and such springing up.

Stage 2: I began to add other colors in stripes with a brayer. Then began scratching through the colors to reveal what was beneath.

Stage 3

Stage 3: With all the sad news lately; fracking, soldiers in Afghanistan, kids shooting kids,  I was moved to add a dark linear object to symbolize the destruction of the natural balance. I also added a block of light with lines for energy that lies beneath that continues to emit positivity.  The energy will continue to grow despite what destructive activities man places on the earth.

Over the course of a few weeks, the piece finally made peace with me and a haiku evolved in my mind.

“In a world of despair,
expectations and hope lives,
between earth and sky.”
My completed work at the top, somewhat abstract, is my representation that through wars, devastation, hardships, and even death, the earth and universe will continue to project positive energy and hope.
This new work of art will be in the exhibit, BETWEEN EARTH & SKY, a featured show of works by three Hillsborough Gallery of Arts artists, Arianna Bara, Chris Graebner and myself, Jude Lobe.


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