Big Challenge

“Whimsical Nature” is a fun show for me because I think I have a whimsical nature. The first piece I made, “Eno Reflection,” is the smallest, but it was the seed that helped me create all of the larger pieces. ImageThis little quilt which  measures 5″x21″ is actually a sketch for a much larger quilt that I designed for a conference room. This room has a long, curved wall which needed art that could bend with curve, but also absorb sound as the acoustics were a problem. It was a great challenge to sew something tiny at first and then blow it up into something huge.

The larger quilt, “Eno Reflection II” ended up being 21ft wide by 5ft tall. My process for making this quilt was very different from the ones I’ve made before.

Normally I start with a background and as I add layers, I sew and then add more. With this quilt I pretty much had to lay out a completed composition before I could sew because I needed to cut the the 21ft piece into 7 panels that would read as a continuous image on the curved wall.

As I was working, this quilt took up the entire floor of my sewing studio. I kept having to stand on a table to gain a better perspective of the whole thing. After making this quilt/mural I realized how much I like the challenge of working big. The other quilts in the show are larger and are a reflection of that challenge.



2 thoughts on “Big Challenge

  1. A most impressive piece of art I’ve ever seen. The river has always been a favorite subject of mine. I love to hike along the rivers in North Carolina. This piece is warm, friendly and inviting.

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