Susan Hope’s new glassworks combine her history as illustrator with her passion for repurposing materials. “One of my greatest joys is making something out of nothing. There is great satisfaction in repurposing something and being an illustrator at heart I find combining the two absolutely mesmerizing. From original pen and ink drawings are created three dimensional cast glass blocks which are then framed in discarded drawers, window sashes, boxes or some other miscellaneous item that called for rebirth. ‘Presentment’…the way in which something is presented gives the item credibility.


Scrap glass, old wooden frames and broken drawers take on a new meaning and life as they are used to frame, hold and present the images. Things that have been forgotten will be. I hope to salvage and protect bits of the past that has created our present lives and leads to our future. Re–using discarded items justifies their existence and breathes life and hope into what might otherwise have been forgotten.



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