Brian Mergenthaler

I never start a piece having a clear idea of what I might end up with or how long it might possibly take .The theme I’ve used for this show is not so much an idea of the work for this show but the materials I’ve chosen to use.

A fellow mixed media artist friend of mine once told me she starts her day with a box that she collects various things from around her studio to only use for that day to cut down on certain variable’s . I’ve decided to use this technique to present our show Presentment.

I’ve chosen for this show

An antique oak door painted many times over

An 8×6 round pine mantle piece from a burnt up house on US 70

Several decorative metal trash cans

Two vintage roller skates

A giant box of upholstery nails

And a coffee can full of lose metal gears from an antique cash register

The inspiration for my work comes from the pieces I find as well as people I’ve known and animals I wish were real. I’ve always had a soft spot for discarded objects and really enjoy breathing new life into something that has become obsolete or too tattered to enjoy.

The reason I create my work is more of a necessity than anything. If I’m not creating my mind gets stagnant and cluttered my perspective skews and  life isn’t as much fun as it should be..


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