Pat Merriman

In a year of great transition I have experimented with highlighting the values in still life compositions, varying the textures in landscapes and experimenting with color in layers underneath a painting that reveal subtle changes scraped back with a palette knife. This technique has been used with acrylics, oils, collage, and and cold wax, all reviving a spirit of “having fun” ; seeing the unexpected in the final results.

For the still life paintings there is a series of “blue vase” compositions, and another with an antique Chinese blue and white bowl with jade grapes that was in my mother’s estate. I can only paint still life if the objects have personal meaning for me.  Texture in many of the landscapes has been created using a palette knife, applying many layers of acrylic or oil paint and scraping back to subtly reveal the colors underneath. Mixed media elements are often sand, resin, pumice within a gel medium, or making use of lightfast papers held down with gel mediums that have archival qualities.  All of these techniques are evident in the pieces in the Presentment show.

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