About the Show

An exciting collaboration of three distinctive artists, working in three different media. Garry Childs clay vessels share the exhibit with Marcy Lansman’s newest paintings and Linda Carmel’s paintings with relief surfaces.

Linda Carmel’s work is about community and the roles that women and men play. Her most recent work explores changes that are taking place in society as men and women move toward less traditional role assignments. Carmel manipulates her painted surfaces, sometimes using modeling paste to create a three-dimensional surface. She used this technique for conceptual emphasis rather than as an aesthetic choice.

Garry Childs is presenting wheel-thrown red earthenware vessels. The textured surface of the pots in the exhibit derives from the coarse local clay he digs near his studio. “These clays are pretty much straight out of the ground with the natural organic matter still present. Small amounts of glaze are used to enhance the surface variations.  My pots are mostly about the shapes. The irregular textured surfaces emphasize the organic nature of the forms.”

Marcy Lansman’s recent paintings evidence her move toward more abstract work. “My painting style has been realistic, whether working in watercolors or acrylics. I’ve appreciated other artists’ more abstract styles. This past year I have been working toward a looser, more impressionistic expression. My paintings in this exhibit will illustrate this new direction in my style.”

Hillsoborough Gallery of Art
July 23 – August 22
Opening Reception
July 26

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