Linda Carmel

I have always been interested in exploring the theme of community.  In this series titled Women in the World I examine  the supportive essence of womanhood.  In the past I have lived and worked in communes and  have felt the strength that comes when everyone works together for the common good. 

Since the beginning of time, women have come together to complete tasks and in so doing have bonded, sharing stories and problem solving issues that affect their lives. In this, women differ from men, who have lived in a more individualistic, competitive manner.  Now, as women’s power grows around the world, we find women holding roles of authority.  This series is a commentary on the strengths that women may now bring to the workplace – and what men may do as they start to participate more in the traditionally female realms of home and family.

In the paintings featuring women I use modeling paste on canvas to create a three-dimensional sculpted surface that is then painted. In the paintings of men the textured outline of the male figure shows through a painted background of camouflage but the figure itself is not defined whereas the imageries of domesticity are not sculpted but painted directly onto the canvas. I want to show the disconnect between the man and this unfamiliar environment that is comprised of parts rather that a fully formed picture.

ImageThe women in my paintings are often brightly colored reflecting a diversity of race, age and circumstance.  I have not given them facial features because I want them to be seen as a one group.  I have looked for titles that evoke the sense of community in these women, for example “It takes a Village” or “In the same Boat”.


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