Garry Childs

The pieces I have done for this show are all made from a red earthenware clay on a potters wheel.

The textures on the surfaces of the pots are created by using three different local clays that I have dug near my home in northern Orange County.
One is directly beneath my studio about 12” down (I found it while digging post holes). It is a yellow color in the raw state and fires out to a dusky red. Another one comes from near Little River along Green-Riley road and is very dark, almost barn red in the ground with a lot of sand incorporated in, it fires to a deep brick red.  The third is a bright orange, very clean and slick clay that comes from a mound in the woods along Guess Rd that may have been left over from the road construction. It retains the orange color when fired, though much more subdued in tone. These clays are used pretty much straight out of the ground with the natural bits of gravel, sand and organic matter still present.
Each of these pots has had one of the clays painted on in a liquid form with one or more additional dry clays added to the surface. Other pieces have had the dried clay pressed directly into the surface of the still wet pot. Small amounts of glaze and some commercially available clays are also used to enhance the surface variations.
All of my pots are first and foremost about the shape. When I first began working with this technique earlier this year I found that I loved the way these irregular textured surfaces seem to greatly emphasize the organic nature of the forms. The lack of structure on the surfaces acts as a wonderfully sharp contrast to the precision of the shape. I look forward to the continued evolution of this process.

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  1. love the organic earthy look AND feel of your new pots Garry! Since I’ve been “drooling” over the “fat-bellied” one with small splashes of yellow on it that was in the window of the gallery and my friends knew it…it now lives at my house!!! It was a wonderful surprise for my birthday last week!! Thank you!!! I will enjoy it immensely!!


  2. Interesting explanation about being all about the shape. It’s as though you’ve taken a cylinder and created negative space within the structure and give each work a unique personality. It’s as if you have melded the geometric with organic form. Although it is fired, it appears to be in a raw state. They bring to my mind the image of the lone tree on the horizon against the sky. A haunting, hopeful image.

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