Michele Yellin

I have never thought of myself as someone who has a great imagination. I am aware however, that my work is easily labeled “Imaginative”. I came across this term in a children’s art book this past summer and I was so pleased to find that there is a word that accurately describes my work beyond the words “colorful”, “expressive”, and “whimsical”.

My process of making art involves either seeing a shape in the underpainting, or wanting to show a particular form on the canvas.  I look, add color, tone and line.  I cover things up when they don’t look right and add other elements. I don’t feel like I am imagining anything! But, maybe that is what imagining is...getting a little glimmer of something and trying things until I love every square inch of the painting. Nonetheless, it is a process that offers up tremendous joy as well as struggle-no avoiding that! I think what I feel is more of a sense of discovery, that things are laying in wait, for me to see them, and bring them out.

I recently received a print of Brian Andreas Story People that really hits the nail on the head for me. It says “If there is any secret to this life I live, this is it: the sound of what cannot be seen, sings within everything that can and there is nothing more to it than that.”  My job is to show what lays within, what is not seen.

Michelle Yellin , Disruption

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