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Ellie Reinhold, one of the 22 artists owners/members of Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is preparing for the Orange County Studio Tour coming up this November. Ellie was one of the 15 original owners that began Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in 2006.

This is my first time doing the tour. I am number 38 and my studio is off Roosevelt drive, in the neighborhood across from Cafe Driade near the Estes/E.Franklin intersection.

I plan to have both landscape/abstracts and figurative paintings on canvas. I’ll have cards and hope to have a selection of giclee prints too. My figurative art has been variously described as “soul work”, “dream-scapes”, “internal landscapes”, and art you can “feel in your gut”. Perhaps all apply. I look to explore emotional experiences using color, brushwork and sparse, iconic imagery that often draws from nature.

My more recent series of small non-figurative pieces are often done mostly with knives, and have become increasingly abstract. These landscapes provide a loose format where I can explore color, texture and other phenomenon such as shadow, silhouette, and contrast. See more of my work on my website,  elliereinhold.com.



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