Capturing Light

Eduardo Lapetina

My abstract paintings are soul-scapes that are the product of working in complete solitude.

My ambition with my paintings is to use symbolic shapes and colors to express my deepest emotions and passion for life. My abstract paintings are the product of constant experimentation. This has led me to develop a painting technique with unique characteristics by applying paint to the canvas in unusual ways–by pouring, splashing, dripping and scratching. My paintings also require layers upon layers of paint to create a sensuous and turbulent surface texture that is as vital and as complicated as life itself. I use color to allure an imaginative and subtle spatial elusiveness. My abstract expressions are the product of many days of working and reworking.

The steps leading to my abstract paintings are the art of hiding and disclosing. It is the discovery of mysteries of the subconscious mind that are part of my own personal legend. Personality counts. These abstractions hold the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles and will. It is a collaboration of mind and spirit. It is a form of magic that may speak both to you and for you with a private, secret, confidential language. They also require something from the viewer; it demands contemplation, study, feeling and flights of fancy.

Around Myths

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