Flights of Fancy

Bear Island Eric Saunders - Orb263 digital photo Image Image

Eric Saunders

My subject matter is outdoor landscapes, natural and urban, usually in color. Sometimes I experiment with other subjects (artifacts and architecture), and digital enhancement or manipulation of images.

There is no particular story line to my work. I am trying to communicate the beauty of abstract art, and the beauty or intrigue of transient moments in nature and life.

In this show, I have emphasized “orbs” – images which are remapped to a two-dimensional representation of a sphere.

I am mostly self-taught as a photographer. Previously I studied classical piano, and then worked as a corporate computer programmer. My work is oriented to “seeing” effective abstract compositions, and communicating these compositions through precise technical control.

All work had been using 35mm film using a NIKON 6006 and NIKON lenses (with a tripod most of the time). In April, 2010 I purchased my first digital SLR, a NIKON D700 (which uses the same lenses as my old film SLR).

Images are printed on paper archival to at least 100 years. I prefer Epson velvet fine art paper.


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