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 For artists Nell Chandler, Ali Givens and Ellie Reinhold the idea of home is an ongoing theme in their work. So the title “Dwell” was a natural choice for their joint show.

Nell Chandler started her career as a painter and printmaker and has incorporated those mediums into her jewelry work for many years, however last year she tried something new. Chandler decided to make impressions in white polymer clay and fill them with black acrylic paint. The technique allowed her to create very delicate black and white line drawings which she could then incorporate into her jewelry.

Now, Chandler has carried the series a little further. She’s added watercolor as well – creating a black and white line drawings …but with color. And this series will have a narrative theme; “once again I will rely on my painting and printmaking and story telling, but in a new way” says Chandler.

Ellie Reinhold’s paintings have always been narrative. For this show, Reinhold says she is “playing with the concepts of building home or leaving home,” considering these as both physical and philosophical/emotional events. “Building takes many forms of investment— it’s a pulling together of resources, physical and emotional, however scant or tenuous or generous. Leaving involves an exit as well as a landing—soft or not—in a new, uncharted place. It invites the question of what we pull along (willingly or not) from one (version of) home to another; what is our baggage? What helps us on our way? We each have emotional work in our lives—our ‘soul work’, if you may. Mine finds its way into my painting; struggles caught in images. As this year progresses, my puddle-stomping days recede further into the distance and my 17 year old son prepares to make the leap into his own life. As might be expected, some questions are on my mind. How do I navigate this change? How do you let go of a person integral to a home, or of an outmoded idea of what home means?”

Fiber artist Ali Givens has chosen to showcase a series of her signature structures in bold energetic colors set on crisp white canvas. The images, based on her own memories of home, represent houses you might find in places as diverse and engaging as Manhattan, small-town America and the Caribbean islands. Removed from her usual compositions, the structures stand alone and communicate her belief in the joyful comfort that home provides, regardless of location.

Opening Reception

April 25


Please visit our website



121 N. Churton St. Hillsborough


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