Chris Graebner, Jude Lobe and Garry Childs find INTERSECTIONS in paint, wax and clay, June 23rd through July 20th at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts.

For painter Chris Graebner, the most obvious reference of Intersections relates to travel. Says Graebner: “So much of my work comes directly from my travels. I’m constantly thinking about how I could paint a scene – technically, how to express what I’m looking at. I take loads of photos when I travel. Pictures from cars, from trains, from planes. They are not great pictures but they help me to be in the time and place where they were taken and to see things I might have missed or forgotten.”

Graebner finds, however, that the places she paints are generally from trips taken several years earlier – not the most recent ones. “Somehow, I’m not ready to paint what I’ve recently seen. I need some time and distance before I’m ready to paint a place. It takes a while to see which images stay with me and come to represent that place and time. The paintings in this show are from a number of  trips and many different places: Spain in 2011, Hong Kong in 2013, Wisconsin in 2011, Bois Blanc Island in 2012, Louisiana in 2009 and of course Hillsborough. My husband and I went to Portugal in January of this year – so expect to see paintings of the trip in 2016!”

For Jude Lobe, whose work for this show uses cold wax and oil, Intersections is the coming together of ideas. Says Lobe, “as a child, I loved to put together puzzles. It was fascinating to see how different elements fit together and changed the look of the individual piece that was now part of a whole. In school I discovered that this idea of inter-connectedness had a name – ecology.”

“The cold wax & oil medium I use lends itself to expressing this idea of inter-connectedness, or intersections, as well as evolution. It affords the opportunity to show a history of the painting. I build up layers of texture and color obscuring what’s beneath. At the same time, I remove parts of layers by scratching, scraping, applying solvents and so on. This reveals parts of past layers. The artwork then represents the history of a life, which becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of the experiences we traveled. It could be the life of a natural area, or architectural structure as well.”

For Garry Childs, who has been a potter for more than 40 years, Intersections has a more technical connotation. “In my thinking Intersections is about the intersection of form and surface, always a complicated issue for a potter. All of my work is made on the potters wheel. Form or shape that grows and expands from within is the essence of all of my pieces. Glazes and carving are used to emphasize the shapes and bring color and texture to the surface.” Childs’ designs are inspired from ancient South American, African and Mediterranean pottery and are of terra-cotta. He would like his pots to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Intersections is about coming together. The artists invite you to come together and meet them at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. The show will run from June 23rd until July 20th.

Opening Reception

June 27th


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