INTERSECTIONS, painting by Jude Lobe

INTERSECTIONS, painting by Jude Lobe

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”, is a quote by Albert Einstein.

As a child, I loved to put together puzzles. It was fascinating to see how different elements fit together and changed the look of the individual piece that was now part of a whole. Intersections is the coming together of ideas, crossing, and bisecting. Through our lives we all intersect with each other, with nature, and with other cultures. These intersections effect us in multiple ways and help us thrive.  Some of the artworks are expressions of my ‘intersections’, others include different materials intersecting within the same artwork.”

Seeking Serenity, cold wax & oil by Jude Lobe

Seeking Serenity, cold wax & oil by Jude Lobe

My work for this show is predominately cold wax & oil and encaustics. Cold wax is a soft paste formulated to make oil paint colors thicker and more matte. It is made with beeswax, resin and mineral spirits. My technique in painting with cold wax & oil is a process of addition and subtraction.

Nature is my muse and the common thread through my work.  As a part of nature I believe we need to respect the connection we have with the natural environment. In nature things change, evolve. Like a forest goes through an ecological succession, so do we as individuals evolve and are at present a compilation of fragments and parts of the experiences we traveled. Cold wax & oil lends itself perfectly in expressing this idea. It affords the opportunity to show a history of the painting by building up layers, obscuring what’s beneath, and then removing sections of layers to reveal bits of past layers. The paintings represent the history of a life that becomes the compilation of bits and pieces of it’s past experiences.

My hope is that my paintings resonate with the viewer on an emotional level and makes one feel something. I attempt to capture how being out in nature makes me feel free and peaceful.

More of my work can be seen at the Hillsborough Gallery, Oil and Cold Wax  and my Jude Lobe art website. Click on any of the highlighted words to visit those sites.

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Longing for Tranquility,  painting by Jude Lobe

Longing for Tranquility, painting by Jude Lobe

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