Attention to Detail




Lynn Wartski

It has been interesting letting my work lead me in a direction I had not really considered.  A single mixed media figure sculpture for a group show has led to the creation of several dozen “art dolls”, and introduction of my work to a whole new audience. The intimate scale of these pieces invites the viewer in to take a closer look.  By their very nature these sculptures require that viewer and artist both pay “Attention to Detail”, the title of our newest feature show.

Ever present in all of my sculpture has been hand forged copper raised from flat stock. My art dolls pay homage to this with the face I create for each. Each doll’s face begins as a flat disk that I cut, anneal, hammer, shape and polish. The hands for each art doll are also formed in my metal studio, as are glass eyes created by torch firing enamels on to copper or brass tacks and nail heads. The addition of a wooden head and wire skeleton round out the basic form of these small figure sculptures and adds to the mixed media slightly steampunk flavor of my work.

doll with stick
The sources of inspiration for “who each doll will be”, are endless.  They have come into being both fully formed as a concept and design in my sketchbook, and formed wholly on the work table.

I enjoy the reactions they and their details draw from viewers.  These art dolls bring together so much that I have developed in my work over the years, and I look forward to where they lead me next.


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