Lolette Guthrie

My paintings are paintings of light and atmosphere. I strive to capture the ephemeral nature of light that captures a mood that is timeless.




I mostly paint from memory arranging the elements to form interesting compositions. Regardless of whether it is a traditional landscape or an abstraction, I find myself seeing and feeling the space, light, time of day, temperature and weather in my mind’s eye and letting what is on the canvas direct my hand.   Each piece begins with a loose idea that evolves gradually and intuitively as I build up the surface layer by layer. I always have an idea of what I want to explore but invariably I find that the painting takes on a life of it’s own and I’m never sure where it will end up. This experience is both exhilarating and, at times, confusing. I think it must be much like the experience of a writer whose characters take over and force the direction of the story.




I work both in oils and pastels but always in the same way, by applying countless layers of pigment and allowing each layer to show through. This process gives a wonderful richness to the surface. In the case of pastels, I use a fixative between the layers so that each layer remains bright and doesn’t become muddy. To get the same result with oils, I must let each layer dry before the next is applied. I also move back and forth between landscapes and the abstractions based on those landscapes. I find switching gears in this way keeps me from “getting stuck”.




For this show, I concentrated on discovering how to paint an interesting sky that almost alone would give the viewer a sense of space, light, time of day, temperature, and weather. In most pieces, the foreground is the accent note.



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