Mark Kinsella

Discoveries is probably the most apt name for my first featured artist show. I really feel that it’s symbolic of my process and of glass itself. All of the work for Discoveries is new and most of it was inspired by my love of water and flying. Lately I’ve found myself missing the ocean with the wide open skies and the lake where my grandparents retired in Massachusetts, and I’m drawing on the imagery of my memory.

Delta Green Detail

It is impossible for me to look at any glass without seeing in it the lens that it yearns to be.  And like any lens, it affords us a view of the other and of ourselves, and in that view an opportunity to discover the far away and the very close, the macro and the micro, the viewer and the artist.  In a very real sense, this lens combines at its focal point the creative experience of the maker with the observational experience of the viewer, allowing us both to discover a more complete artistic experience.  Looking through this lens, I can discover something transformational about the viewer, and the viewer can discover something equally new in me.

Delta Green

I often plan out a piece by starting with a color pallet or a shape that I am currently attracted to and let it evolve, or I will sketch out a pattern that I’ve seen in nature and try to adapt it to glass. It’s not uncommon for me to have a vision of a piece in my mind that I’ll sketch out and start working on only to have it morph into something totally different. It’s a discovery process that I just let happen as it needs to. I like to use transparent glass along with opaque glass so that there are little discoveries for a collector to find.


I find that I’m drawn to the process and technique as much as I am drawn to colors and textures of glass. I want my work to constantly evolve and grow. It’s important to me to not get stuck on one type or style and have my work be identified by a singular subject. When a collector of my work asks me “What’s next?” I want to be able to say “It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before!”


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