What I came here for

 Chris Burnside

“If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you don’t bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.” Gospel of Thomas


I believe we each have the opportunity to create our own lives and that if we don’t, we will have regrets. To create one’s “own” life, I think a person needs to examine what is important to them and what it is they want to be doing.


I started drawing early and by 5 years of age had decided I wanted to be an artist. In the 60’s studying art in college, I also became incredibly excited by dance and decided to pursue it as a career. BUT – I promisedpromisedpromised myself that I would one day come back to the more solitary studio practice in the Arts that I loved. In 2001, I realized that it was time.


My glass process has been the result – one that includes color & textural relationships I see in Nature, influences from 60’s abstract artists, and a sense of movement that comes from my years in dance.



Coming back to the visual art practice has been a right choice, and a fulfilling one – One that has influenced both my “still alive” interest in dance and my life. Each day I’m excited about what’s next – what can I envision and then translate into a real piece? I’m excited about the mystery of the creative process – It is part of who I have been since the beginning!


I think that our society doesn’t always do such a great job of encouraging our young to follow their interests, their passions. The Arts path isn’t an easy path, but it certainly can be a rewarding one. I was incredibly fortunate to have two parents that encouraged me to follow my heart – Who encouraged me to CREATE MY LIFE.


This is my first featured artist show at Hillsborough Gallery and I feel most fortunate to have worked with Arianna and Michele – there has been such a sense of ease, serendipity, and joy in the process.


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