Our Art is…

A Pause and Awakening IEduardo Lapatina

My art is…an ongoing adventure I’ve been enjoying for many years. Art has taken me to places I never imagined could exist until I arrived there with my paintings. Life itself changes over time and those changes are reflected in my art. A recent health crisis involving hospitalization and a recovery period constituted a necessary pause in my painting activity, but I never stopped thinking about my work.

A Pause and Awakening II

“A Pause and Awakening” is the title for my latest series of paintings, which are on display at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in the featured artists show.These new paintings represent a fresh direction for my work that connects what has come before to what comes next. I’ve added new materials and techniques to the work that bring fresh color and life to it. I am very excited to bring this new work to the public in Hillsbourough.



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