Not Alone


Together Three Hillsborough Gallery Artists Explore Being Not Alone


Three unique artists are featured this month at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. Fused glass artist Mark Kinsella, potter Garry Childs and painter Marcy Lansman will be exhibiting their newest work in a show entitled “Not Alone.”


Mark Kinsella writes that Not Alone is an appropriate title for an art exhibit. Says Kinsella, “The process of creating can be a solitary endeavor but once the work is complete it moves into to the realm of not alone. If you happen to be in a gallery looking at a piece of art and you are the only one in the room, you are not alone. The artist will always have a presence in the room and you will be sharing their vision and experience. You are also sharing the space with the artist’s muse, whether the muse was a person, event, or nature. So you see, not alone is what you are when viewing the art; and not alone is what the artist has created, intentionally or not.”

“My work is sometimes functional, sometimes sculptural, or some pieces can be both depending on the preferences of the collector. I’m inspired by nature, images in movies, life experiences and I draw on my photography background to help with composition and color combinations.”

“I’ve been working with glass for more than 10 years and I’m still developing my technique. I am not beholden to one type of process but try to incorporate all that I’ve learned into my work. I’m always evolving and changing, trying new styles, and producing different and fresh work.”

“I truly believe that working with glass is a metaphor for life. Things can be very random and seemingly disconnected but with patience, creativity, and a little hard work, one can pull it all together into something beautiful. I’m motivated to leave the world in better shape than when I arrived and feel that I can do that by creating art that could possibly last for hundreds of years.”

“Not Alone also aptly describes Garry Childs philosophy as a potter. He writes, “It is very important to me that my work be accessible. My pots are intended for people’s homes. My bowls and platters look best on tables with food being shared by families and friends, my planters and vases with someone’s favorite herb or fresh flowers. Some pieces are certainly more decorative in nature than others. Those are an expression of my joy in the process that hopefully becomes a part of someone’s day-to-day life.”

“All of my work is formed on the potter’s wheel from terra-cotta clay. I apply glazes to my pots when they have reached a state potters call “leather-hard” that is when the clay has stiffened up enough to handle but is not completely dry. I then carve through the glaze into the still damp clay to achieve the various patterns seen on my work.”

“While the shape and form of my pots continues to be my primary interest, I will be introducing some new work in this show. Color and pattern are used for emphasis. I will also be taking the opportunity to bring in more of my larger pieces than I usually have on display at the gallery.”

In writing about her approach to this show, Marcy Lansman writes, “Looking at a dark landscape I had painted, I imagined silhouetted figures walking up a hill. That image inspired Not Alone, the first in a series of paintings in which silhouetted figures, some alone, some in groups, move in a common direction as if toward a common goal. The works in this exhibit, also entitled Not Alone,” are a further exploration of that original idea. In one, figures burdened with bundles and suitcases walk solemnly against a background of crumbling buildings. In another, the figures look upward, seemingly drawn toward a brighter place. All are a contemplation of the journeys we share and the sense in which we make these journeys alone or with others.

Please join us for a Reception

June 26th


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