Evelyn Ward

I make salt fired pots and add hand-drawn decals to them. Salt firing is a process in which regular salt is put into the kiln at the top temperature. The salt travels with the flame and adheres to the pots making a distinctive clear mottled glaze on the surface of the pots. Each pot is a little different depending on its location in the kiln.

I make my decals by starting with a drawing and then scanning it into the computer and printing it out on special decal paper. The iron in the toner leaves an image when the pot is refired to a lower temperature than the first glaze firing. I like the interplay between the very controlled surface of the decal and the less controlled surface of the salt firing.

For this show I focused on more delicate drawings than usual. Until recently, the drawings I’ve used have been high contrast ensuring the decals would show up after they were fired. But this spring I experimented with pencil drawings and I was very happy with the resulting images. I was able to see all of the gray tones even after they were fired. So with that in mind I did some new drawings with that softer more delicate feel. I love drawing botanical subjects, I spend a lot of time in my garden and on frequent walks with my dogs and am always amazed at how diverse plant life is. Almost every time I go out I find that some new plant will catch my eye.


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