Present Tense

Queen Mother -blog


Linda Carmel


This is a time in history when women are entering the workplace with qualifications equal to men. Women have the expertise to have full and satisfying careers. Having a family has become a choice not an expectation. I find myself reflecting on my evolving understanding of what it means to be a women in today’s society and how this affects the family structure as we know it.


Dairy Queen- blog

In this series of paintings I wanted to celebrate inherent female strengths, as mothers, peacemakers, nurturers and keepers of the home. Many of the women in this series are portrayed as queens, in some cases regal as in Queen Mother and others more “tongue in cheek” as in Homecoming Queen, Dairy Queen and Queen Bee. I have included a couple of “future queenstoo. My Little Princess explores our desire to keep our young ones safely protected in the nest. The painting Work In Progress deals with adolescence. I have included phases within the painting that track the journey towards adulthood from “hold me”, to the beginnings of self in “I want” to “you can’t make me” and finally “I am me” and “This is my life”.

My Little Princess-blog

My paintings are sculpted with acrylic modeling paste and then painted, creating a three dimensional surface. In some of the pieces I have experimented with some new materials. Queen of the Universe and Home Keeper are painted on a surface of rice paper that is overlaid onto modeling paste. My Little Princess is drawn with colored pencil in between layers of matte gel medium.



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