In the Mind’s Eye

FA show

Hillsborough Gallery Artists show us what they see in their “Mind’s Eye”

In its September Featured Artist Exhibit, “In The Mind’s Eye”, the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts showcases the work of fused glass artist Susan Hope, painter Jude Lobe and photographer Eric Saunders.

For fused glass artist, Susan Hope, her mind’s eye sees a wonderful comparison between listening to beautiful music and observing the beauty found in painting with glass. She writes, “In music, a single note does not make a symphony. For us to hear music, the composer must first arrange the notes one by one, placing and spacing and allowing them to interact with one another. So it is with the interaction of colors and their relationships to each other. This show, ‘In The Mind’s Eye’, is a review of past color work in glass as well as a venturing into a new realm of color mixing to produce glass ‘paintings’ that reflect in 3 dimensions the excitement of color in flux. Just as in musical harmony, color harmony brings joy and emotional response to the heart and sings a lovely song.”

In explaining the inspiration behind her work for “In The Mind’s Eye”, painter, Jude Lobe says, ” Recently I had an explosion of new sun-drenched images imprinted in my mind on a trip to the big sky country in and near Santa Fe, NM. In this show, a majority of the artworks represent a visual adventure in expressing the glory and exuberance of these images I now find in my mind’s eye.  Some are representational of the natural environment and some are more abstract, but both exude the emotion of the moment and reference our strong connections to the earth. ”


Photographer Eric Saunders ponders what the phrase in the mind’s eye really means. He writes, “In thinking about the title of our show, ‘In The Mind’s Eye’, I found myself asking many questions: “Why do I make photographs? What do I see when I make photographs? What do I think I see when I make photographs? What do viewers of my photographs see? What do they think they see? What do I want them to see? I realized these very questions imply that, depending on the context, the term “mind’s eye” can mean many different things.

He goes on, “For me, each image I make is an attempt to create an abstract visual adventure for the viewer – an adventure like reading a story or listening to a piece of music. In order to do this effectively I look past the literal (i.e. a cloud, a sky, a house, a barn, a rock, a ripple in a stream, a placard, a beach, a section of rusty metal fence) and see abstract orderly patterns of light, color, line, texture, and form. Depending on the angle of view and the cropping and editing of the image, these patterns will move the viewer into the image and hold the viewer’s attention for a period of time, and perhaps stimulate the viewer’s imagination in a meaningful way. This is the eye in my mind.”

Opening Reception

Sept 25




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