In the Mind’s Eye



Eric Saunders

Why do I make photographs? What do I see when I make photographs? What do I think I see when I make photographs? What do viewers of my photographs see? What do they think they see? What do I want them to see?

These are questions which imply that the “mind’s eye” means many different things depending on the context.

Each image I make is an attempt to create an abstract visual adventure for the viewer – an adventure like reading a story or listening to a piece of music.

red porch

In order to do this effectively I look past the literal (i.e. a cloud, a sky, a house, a barn, a rock, a ripple in a stream, a placard, a beach, a section of rusty metal fence) and see abstract orderly patterns of light, color, line, texture, and form. Depending on the angle of view and the cropping and editing of the image, these patterns will move the viewer into the image and hold the viewer’s attention for a period of time, and perhaps stimulate the viewer’s imagination in a meaningful way.

This is the eye in my mind.


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One thought on “In the Mind’s Eye

  1. Wonderful cloudscape. Not easy to photograph, not easy to avoid triteness. This is both well photographed and certainly not trite or clichéd.

    Red room reminds me of De Chirico’s empty, slightly ominous piazzas. Well done.

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