You walk into a gallery, store or even restaurant, and see a painting that grabs your attention. You relate to it. It takes you somewhere else. It makes you feel. But did you also know art has healing benefits.


Keep it Simple, Cold Wax & Oil, 36X36, by Jude Lobe

Scientific studies have shown that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. By looking at artworks or listening to music, a person’s brain wave pattern changes. One becomes less stressed and moves into relaxation. Think about the last time you were at an art gallery. How refreshed and calmed did you feel?
Also effected is our nervous system, our hormonal balance and our brain neurotransmitters. With all of our cells in our body instantly reacting to the art or music, our body’s physiology is altered and the immune system and blood flow to our organs is increased. After you walked out of that gallery, or spent time in the morning drinking your coffee while gazing at the picture you have hanging on the wall, ask yourself, “do you feel better and ready to face the day with a positive attitude?”
The next time you are having a stressed day, take some time off and go to a local art gallery and enjoy the art. When you walk back out the door, I bet you will find yourself in much better spirits and able to handle whatever it is you need to do.
Our physiology is deeply effected by feelings and emotion. Try to keep a balance of good feelings in close proximity to yourself during the day. Perhaps a small painting on  your desk, or larger one on the wall. Maybe a piece of art at home in your kitchen to look at before you walk out the door. Or a calming artwork on the wall of your bedroom to send you off to a peaceful night’s rest.

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