Larry bowlLarry Favorite

Although I am a relatively new member of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts,  I have been creating my distinctive art of ironwood from the Sonoran Desert for more that 40 years. My pieces include boxes, sculpted vases, wall hangings, and lamps that have been embellished with exquisite inlays of sterling silver, turquoise and other semi-precious gemstones.

Larry bird vase

This show’s theme of Earth  Wind and Fire is especially appropriate for my work, as ironwood trees grow out of the hot sands of the desert, are shaped by desert windstorms, and are then parched by the heat of the sun. Taking a piece of dull ironwood that has lain untouched in the desert for centuries and bringing it back to life as art is a spiritual process for me. This process reminds me of the unrecognized potential that we each carry within ourselves, it takes belief, effort, time and patience to bring forth that hidden potential and to turn it into something that is both useful and beautiful in the world.”

Larry vase

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