Colorful Language


Matriarch PendentNell Chandler

This year I explored the melding of techniques from my past few Featured Artist shows. I created familiar “story bracelets” with new narratives. I became intrigued by families and ancestry and all the different kinds of families there are in this world.  My Matriarch Bracelet which I modeled after my sister Amy’s family spans  three generations. I painted one daughter with a husband and a daughter of her own and another daughter with a husband and two cats and a dog. I was just fascinated by all the different combinations.


flower charms

I also went back to a recent theme of mine of flowers. I would take pictures of all the wildflowers on my frequent morning walks with my friends and then paint them on my jewelry from my phone. I am always delighted by beautiful nature.

poly pendent


And the last line I created were ideas of pieces melded together from two of my last shows. I combined my black and white line on polymer clay with some color components. When we were throwing out titles for our show it was when Ali Givens suggested Colorful Language that Michele Yellin and I knew right off the bat that that was perfect for all three of us. It was a wonderful journey.


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