Eduardo Lapetina

What Memory is Made of

The process that leads to the creation of my abstract paintings requires a state of active, open attention to my thoughts and feelings. I tend to work in total isolation to discover the mysteries of the subconscious mind that are part of my own personal legend. Personality counts.

Home Mi Casa es Su Casa

My abstractions hold the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles, and will. It is a collaboration of mind and spirit. It is a form of magic that may speak to you and for you with a private, secret, confidential language.

Eastern Attachment

The title of each painting hints at both the physical appearance and the poetic ambiguity of the long  journey that brings it into being. Titles of some of the paintings that I have produced for the Mindfullness Show are: “Inner beacons of life”, “Back to wonder”, “Pools of glimmer and spark”,”In the forest of the heart”, “Home, mi casa es su casa”,”What memory is made of and Allegra.

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