The paintings of Linda Carmel celebrate women and what they do every day to stabilize and support family and community. Her work points us toward a world in which women can take the lead in finding common ground, moving us away from this time of polarization, peril and uncertainty.

Carmel writes, “We can see things happening that might point the way for our country.  Record numbers of women are running for office in this year’s elections. The most effective challenge to the NRA is being led by adolescents who are furious at the adult world’s valuing assault rifles over their lives.”

Linda Carmel’s paintings in this show reflect her thoughts on the current predicament American society is facing. “My work illuminates how women can help heal a torn community. This series points toward a time of compassion for all of humanity and a respect for the Earth.  With a positive attitude and with humor, I offer my perspective to the viewer.”

Carmel adds, “My paintings have sculpted surfaces. You can actually feel the peaks and valleys that add nuance to the imagery.  I encourage people to touch these canvasses so that they can connect with the themes on a deeper level.”

Jewerly artist, Nell Chandler writes, “When we first decided to call our show Common Ground, I associated the title with us: four women.  As artists we definitely share a common sensibility. We are kindred spirits.

I then turned to the work that I would create for our show and I felt inspired by my friends to dig deeper into new techniques that I’d learned last year such as teaching myself torch enamels I learned from You tube tutorials, books, magazines and well just talking with other artist jewelers at the shows. I realized that I wanted to push myself to try to master some of these techniques to make jewelry that reflected the common ground between my established and my new love of torch enamels.

Painter, Michele Yellin writes, “In life, what interests me most is finding a space where I can have a meeting of the minds and hearts with others. Sometimes I think that it is not unusual to feel isolated and alienated. With a little effort, it is easy to connect with others and share what we have in common – our dreams, our hopes, our lives and our values.

The same is true for my artwork. I create work as an expression of my own inner and outer life. Once I put it out in the world, I am interested in other people connecting with, and finding that what I paint, is part of their lives as well.

My paintings evolve organically. I start by laying down texture and color to create a loose abstract field. The textures and colors suggest shapes and spaces, much like clouds creating shapes in the sky. Everything and anything is on that canvas, waiting to be found. I draw what I see, and begin painting. Some things stay, others are painted over, developing paintings that have many layers. Through this process, the painting begins to tell a story. It is how I discover and reveal my inner life.”

For Common Ground Evelyn Ward is showing a selection of her twice-fired stoneware pottery; the decoration integrates representations of local native plants. Ward writes,”I enjoy making good, useful pots that someone will enjoy using every day.” Her process for creating them is far from simple. Each piece passes through a labor intensive salt firing, and then a second electric kiln firing, which fastens ceramic decals of delicate plant drawings or photographs into place, and results in sepia-toned studies of seed pods or leaves contrasted against a rich, salt-glazed background.

Opening Reception


July 27

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