Autumn in the Marsh

Lolette Guthrie

As a landscape painter I paint primarily from memory. I begin each new piece by thinking about what it was like to be in a particular place at a particular time: what the sky that day was like, what the temperature was, what the weather was. Always, I  strive to discover the essence of the subject rather than the reality, I want to capture the ephermeral nature of light and a mood that is timeless.

I paint in oils,beginning each piece with a general idea of what I am interested in exploring. I am, however, never certain about where the piece will take me. At some point each painting takes over and dictates what I need to do.

Autumn in the March

Resonant color is the core of my process. I juxtapose passages of saturated color with more muted tones and through the application of many layers of pigment and glazes try to create subtle color and value shifts that provide a degree of luminosity.

For ColorFull I concentrated on the myriad color found in nature. In most pieces I again concentrated on painting an interesting sky that almost would give the viewer a sense of place, time of day, temperature, and weather. In a few I explored the idea of depicting a memory trough pure abstraction.


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