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Twenty Two Squared

Art Gets Squared At The Hillsborough Gallery Of Arts 22squaredpostcard “Any medium, any size – but it must be square” is the challenge that the Gallery’s artists set themselves. The first two shows each year are “group shows” at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. And every year the 22 members of the Gallery come up with new themes. “TWENTY TWOSQUARED” is the first show of 2014. Their work ranges from paintings in oil, watercolor and acrylic, to photography, mixed media, fabric, glass, clay, metal, wood and jewelry. Every artist had to create something square. For some artists, like painters and photographers, creating square pieces is quite normal. For others, not so much. The assignment created quite a challenge for glass blower Pringle Teetor. “When blowing glass, it’s a bit like blowing bubble gum. It tends to want to be somewhat round. With the subject matter as ‘square,’ I had to manipulate the glass to be a square. Instead of using my wet newspaper pad to round out the shape of a piece, I used it to flatten the sides as I blew the glass into a square. The neck of the piece would also be round but instead I squared it up, offsetting it from the squared body. I left a pointed bottom so the piece would sit at an angle and not flat on it’s bottom.” Squared was also a challenge for metal artist, Lynn Wartski. “I began with thinking about what a square is from a 3D perspective… It’s a box or a cube if you’re going to make all sides square. So, I decided to first create a box. Next, I considered all the things we use boxes for: to store, safeguard, ship, carry, hide, etc. I decided that my box would be the type that protects, and maybe hides just a bit as well, so I made an art glass front that appears locked, and only gives an obscured glimpse within. At first I was going to put one of my dolls inside the box, and played with the ideas of fairytale clichés, but didn’t quite like how cramped she appeared. Instead, I went with the ‘Steampunk’ feel I had worked into the glass front, and played with the idea of clockworks, our biological pacemaker, and the now obsolete vocation of the Clock Keeper, which is also the title of the piece.” The results of the Gallery members work will be on display from January 27th to February 23rd, in this first group show of the new year.

Opening Reception

January 31st


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January 13th-25th

“The river that each of us sees in our minds’ eye is different. It may be a long, lazy ribbon of dark water, or a sparkling, clear torrent down a mountainside.”  36 artists interpret the meaning of rivers in this first show of the season.

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts presents original artwork from the book River, published by Paintbrush Forest.  Sales of the book help protect the Haw River.

The gallery will kick off its 2014 season by hosting a show entitled RIVER. Thirty-six artists from the Orange County Artists Guild (www.ocagnc.com) have come together under the direction of Shelly Hehenberger to create a book. Artwork for the book includes different mediums; oil and acrylic painting, photography, watercolor, drawing and mixed media. Hehenberger and Chapel Hill writer Garrison Somers wrote text that describes different concepts of a river. Each artist was given a line of the text to illustrate, and was requested to include that text in their illustration. All the images were then compiled into a hardback book, published in November. River includes work from seven members of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts.

River is a sequel to the popular book Tree, published in 2010. Proceeds from the sale of both River and Tree go to the Haw River Assembly, a non-profit organization founded in 1982 to protect the Haw River and its tributaries, including Jordan Lake.

The original artwork for the book, River is for sale and will be on display at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts. Copies of the book, priced at $25, will be available as well. The show will be up from January 13th through January 25th.

Opening Reception

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts

121 N Churton St

January 17th


OCAG River

River Show

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Orange County Artists Guild Studio Tour

Hillsborough Gallery of Arts Exhibit Previews
Orange County Artists Guild Studio TourOCAG Preview Show

Linda Carmel, Lolette Guthrie, Chris Graebner, Marcy Lansman, Eduardo Lapetina, Ellie Reinhold, Susan Hope and Pringle Teetor exhibit at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in preview of the upcoming OCAG Open Studio Tour. The HGA exhibit runs from Oct 21-Nov 10, 2013.

The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts will include eight of its members in an exhibit previewing participants in the Orange County Artists’ Guild Open Studio Tour. The exhibit will feature the paintings in oil and acrylic of Linda Carmel, Chris Graebner, Lolette Guthrie, Marcy Lansman, Eduardo Lapetina, and Ellie Reinhold, as well as the glasswork of Pringle Teetor and Susan Hope.

This will be the 19th Annual Open Studio Tour for the OCAG. Over seventy artists will participate in this juried event, opening their studios located throughout Orange County, including Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas. It is a rare opportunity to meet the artists and see the work where the creative magic happens!

You can visit several OCAG members of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts within a mile radius.  Linda Carmel and Pringle Teetor will show together at Carmel’s home studio, 101 Huntington Drive, Chapel Hill, #44 on the tour.  Carmel will be giving demonstrations of her unique painting technique which uses acrylic modeling paste. Teetor will show a video demonstration of her glass blowing and will exhibit a variety of pieces – both indoor and outdoor: pumpkins, solar lights, and jewelry.  They will be available both weekends of the tour.

Ellie Reinhold is joining the Tour for the first time. She is #38 on the tour and will welcome you at her studio off Roosevelt Drive in Chapel Hill, across from Cafe Driade. Reinhold’s figurative art has been described as “soul work,” “dreamscapes,” and “internal landscapes.”  She explores emotional experiences using color, brushwork, and iconic imagery that often draws from nature. Her more recent small abstract work is done mostly with knives and allows her to explore texture, shadow, contrast, and silhouette. Reinhold will offer works on canvas as well as cards and giclee prints. To learn more about the artist and her work visit her website at: www.elliereinhold.com.

Eduardo Lapetina’s studio is located at 318 North Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, #40 on the Tour map. This is his fifth year participating on the tour. He will be showing his abstract paintings which are worked in complete solitude. They represent the discoveries of the unconscious mind. In the artist’s words, “They hold the promise of dreams, visions, fears, ….and the magic of a private, secret language.”

This is Chris Graebner’s third year on the tour.  As a painter she works most often in oils, but also has a background in botanical art in which she has used watercolor and ink. She enjoys mixing media to see what each brings to the other. Her most recent work is a return to botanical silverpoint drawings which she colored with layers of highly diluted acrylics instead of traditional watercolors. She invites you to visit her in her studio, #8 on the Tour map, just a couple of blocks from the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts in downtown Hillsborough.

Marcy Lansman is welcoming visitors to her home studio, #43 on the Tour map, on Mt. Bolus Road close to the center of Chapel Hill. She will be showing her paintings together with the work of fellow artist Dale Morgan. This is Lansman’s ninth year on the Studio Tour. Many neighbors drop by as well as repeat customers from previous years. It is a great time to reconnect with old friends and show them the new directions her work is taking.

Lolette Guthrie will be showing contemporary landscapes and abstracted landscapes in oil and pastel. Her studio is #62 on the Tour map, located at 113 Rhododendron Drive, Chapel Hill. (phone number: 919-933-2931).  Guthrie will have open studio both weekends of the tour and is also open all year by appointment.

Susan Hope will be displaying her stained, fused, kiln worked and cast glass as well as weaving and hand made fiber items. Susan’s studio is #13 on the tour, at 7106 Hebron Church Rd. in Mebane.

The Orange County Artists Guild Open Studio Tour is a rare opportunity to meet artists in a warm, casual atmosphere, and to view and purchase their work in their actual work spaces. The Studio Tour brochures and map of participants’ studios are available through the Guild (www.ocagnc.com or call Ellen Hill 919-942-7578).

The OCAG Preview Exhibit at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts will be on display from October 21 through November 10, 2013. It is a wonderful opportunity for a first look at the work to be offered on the tour to help you plan your tour route.

The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is an art gallery owned and operated by 22 local artists and represents these established artists exhibiting contemporary fine art and fine craft. The Gallery’s offerings include acrylic and oil paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, textiles, jewelry, glass, metals, mosaics, encaustic, enamel, watercolor and wood.

Opening Reception
Oct 25
Hillsborough Gallery of Arts
121 North Churton Street
Hillsborough, NC