Parallel Play

While considering a title for their three person show, Jason, Evelyn and Ellie sifted through many words in an effort to evoke their creative commonalities. Many came from geometry: intersection, structure, converge, planes, parallels, and perspective. Words related to play such as natural, spontaneous, and essential were another common thread. In the end “Parallel Play” seemed a perfect combination of both themes.

Ellie Reinhold states, “Several years ago I inadvertently fell in love with using geometric grids in my paintings. I’d paint a spray of circles or rectangles, to both break up and hold together my landscapes. I fell in love with the balance these paintings struck between landscape and abstraction. In lucky moments, the representation that remained was stronger once it had been pulled away from convention. While my work is informed by elements from the natural world, (tree forms in particular), my process pulls it away from simple landscape into a different arena altogether. This process demands a playful, risk-taking approach. A constant willingness to let go of things I love– to destroy what’s on the canvas– in order to find the path to a better painting.”

Sculptor, Jason Smith, states, “As an artist, sculpture has always been my primary focus. Though I have worked in many mediums, I always return to metal because of its strength, malleability and inherent beauty. My sculpture is abstract. I manipulate form in space to create visual balance, combining rhythm, movement, and action to create compositions that convey the energy found in my work.

Potter Evelyn Ward creates pots that reflect the strength of a salt fire with the delicacy of a sepia photograph. Ward writes, “I like to make good, useful pots that someone will enjoy using every day.” Her process for creating them is far from simple. First, each piece passes through a labor-intensive salt firing. Then the pots are placed in a second electric kiln firing, which fastens ceramic decals of delicate plant drawings, or photographs to the rich, salt-glazed background. Evelyn designs and creates all of the images for the decals, which are derived from her photographs and drawings of botanical subjects.

Opening Reception


April 28


The Art of Giving

Holiday post cardCelebrate the holidays and the Arts with “The Art of Giving” at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts . The twenty-two artists of HGA present artwork celebrating the holidays with many gift ideas for easy, artful gift giving.

The Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is presenting its annual ‘ART OF GIVING” exhibit from November 11,2013 to Jan 13, 2014. This exhibit featuring the work of the twenty-two member artists will include paintings in acrylic and oils, pastels, photography, fused and blown glass and jewelry. Works in ceramic,wood, mosaic, metal sculpture, and textiles are also featured.

The Gallery will be featuring special holiday ornaments and specialty items geared for easy gift giving.These will include hand knitted shawls and scarves. Many of the artists will be exhibiting special holiday cards. The Hillsborough Gallery is a wonderful source for items for festive home decoration as well as unique, hand-made artistic gifts. HGA also offers gift certificates that make gift-giving easy and supports the local arts at the same time. A gift certificate is especially a great gift for young folks on your list to encourage their interest in artful living.

The Gallery will have some extended hours during the holiday season. Check the HGA website ( for details. There is always an artist on-hand at the gallery to help you with gift giving ideas.

On Friday November 29, several artist members will be available to demonstrate and offer a short workshop in ornament making.

The Art of Giving
Opening Reception
Novemeber 29th
121 N. Churton St, Hillsborough

Show currently running through January 11th

Please visit our website and check out our calender.