Chris Graebner

My paintings fall into two general categories, botanicals and landscapes. My landscapes are drawn from my travels and are based on photos often taken out of a car window using a cell phone. Because I’m handicapped I don’t do a lot of walking, but you’d be surprised what a lot of wonderful things can be seen from the driver’s seat of an automobile! In fact, sometimes I just drive around Orange County back roads taking pictures of old barns and fields.

The paintings in this show were all done from photos taken between January 2016 and February 2017 in places as disparate as Florida, Iowa and Michigan. Three of the paintings, “At Anchor,” “Dock at the Pines” and “Deer on the Runway” are of an island in Lake Huron we’ve been going to each summer for the last few years. The Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa paintings were done from photos taken on the way back from a family wedding in South Dakota.

One of the fun things about cellphone photos is that they include GPS data allowing you to find the exact place they were taken. And, if you need more visual information from a different angle than you’ve captured in your photo you can often find it on Google street view. That doesn’t mean that my paintings are exact representations of what is in the photo, or even of what is actually in the location. I do a fair amount of editing – adding or deleting, moving things around, changing colors etc. – but you would certainly be able to match up the paintings with the photos that inspired them.



The Art of Giving

holiday-rgbEach holiday season the members of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts transform the gallery to showcase original ornaments and hand-made gifts. The gallery’s 21 members work in a variety of media, providing a wide array of art and fine craft for holiday shoppers.

The glass art includes hand-blown vessels, ornaments, solar lights, paperweights, and jewelry. Fiber art on display includes framed collage quilts and hand dyed stitched cloth, knitted scarves; and fabric handbags. The jewelry in the show covers a variety of styles and techniques, from copper and bronze to sterling and fine silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, some with gold accents and stones.  Visitors will also find metal sculpture, pottery, turned wood, enamels, and carved ironwood with turquoise and silver inlay. Fine art photography, oil and acrylic painting, encaustics, scratchboard, and mixed media work festively surround the three dimensional pieces on pedestals.

Explore the wonderful art exhibited at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts to find a special gift for that special person.

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Branching out

Branching Out

By Chris Graebner


When Eric Saunders, Pat Lloyd and I first talked about this show last fall and came up with a title, we thought that Branching Out would speak to the subject matter of all three of us in some way. Pat is a wood turner, Eric often photographs natural settings – trees and woods, and I was planning that my work for this show would all be botanical subjects. However, life intervened. Pat dropped out of the show, and Michael Salemi, also a wood turner, came on board. The title still worked. Then life intervened again. In December I discovered that I had cancer and that the next several months would be filled with 2 major surgeries and a lot of slow recovery. The few pieces that I had underway were not botanicals, so that connection to the show title was out. I would not have the time or considerable energy it takes to do a whole show of new botanical work.


As I was slowly recovering from surgery I became fascinated with clouds and decided to make them the focus of a small group of paintings. Usually, clouds are just a sort of backdrop, making the sky a little more lively and realistic. They provide a bit of movement in a landscape. But in these paintings I wanted the clouds to take center stage and do all the talking – a little bit of “branching out,” if you will. I enjoy painting night scenes, so clouds at night became a natural progression – another bit of branching out.


When plants get trimmed or blocked, they send out branches and move in a different direction so they can continue to grow. In similar fashion, these paintings have been a way of trimming my expectations – of moving in another direction and continuing to grow. I hope you enjoy them!

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ART from shows

Art All Around

artallaroundEach year the members of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts has a group show. We decide on a title at our end of year retreat and slip the show in before we begin our monthly Featured Artists shows.  This year Ali thought of the title Art All Around and it’s a lucky thing because we are doing some reconstruction where the work was supposed to hang so now it is literally Art All Around…the gallery. Each one is labeled and easy to find.

Please come join us for our opening reception  the last Friday in January.


Opening Reception

January 30


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